Have you ever done this? Have you ever sat dreaming on the plane trip home, planning and scheming the next adventure? I’m one of those people. A journey junkie. It’s incurable – a bad habit no doubt. Dreaming of an elsewhere surely defeats “being in the now”. And what about the frequent flyer’s greedy carbon footprint?

What is it about being somewhere else that’s so enticing? Where to begin.

It must be about the freedom…travelling alone somewhere, anywhere (preferably in an unexpected place) is utter freedom. It’s freedom to be anyone, to be outside and to observe, also freedom to connect and shape and share an experience.

It’s about an exhilarating joy of touching the unknown – joy also at recognising the familiar somewhere you wouldn’t think to find it.

For me it’s about unpacking the everyday mind clutter, freeing a chattering brain. Living in the moment. When I am on the road, I’m in the moment. Life’s simple. It’s pure.

Part of me is always looking to the horizon, looking for the elsewhere where I can be there.

Looking to the horizon, Amazon River, Peru.